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Quality & Safety: Biolumin, Inc. was created solely for the purpose of providing 100% pure and natural products to Mother Earth’s children, while maintaining an eco friendly approach and remaining cruelty free. Our products pass through strict quality control and are all tested safe to consume or apply. All our products also go through a cycle of tough nutrition examinations to offer the highest standard of products.

Manufacturing Practices :The manufacturing facilities are equipped with state of the art machinery, highest standard of quality control, multipoint inspection, and thorough sanitation.No animal testing, We are cruelty free!

Consumer Services :Everyone at Biolumin, Inc. has the responsibility to respond to all consumer inquiries, concerns or questions. We are a transparent corporation, our product labels invite our consumers to talk to Biolumin, Inc by providing our address and contact info.

Responsible sourcing : We are rigorous and vigilant when it comes to sourcing as we promise to offer the highest level of quality. We screen all suppliers having them pass our strict guidelines and providing us with all the necessary certifications.