Everyone loves a good story, so here is one you won’t have trouble remembering.


Nourished and loved by a single mother who devoted quality time to me and spent long hours at work. I can remember times as a child when I slept on the sofa in her office while she continuously worked hard to provide. It was a balancing act between her care and responsibility towards her son and her commitment to developing her business.


For the last thirty years my mother has worked in the cosmetics and skincare industry. She became the exclusive agent and distributor of well-known cosmetic and skincare brands as well as confectionery and FMCG brands.


A few years ago she used a skin care product which caused a severely allergic reaction. She had a closer look at the ingredients which were mainly harsh chemicals and additives.It was at that moment, she knew she could make a real difference to both consumers and to herself. She began studying botany and the health properties of various plants to help assist her on her way towards formulating natural and beneficial skincare products.


My mother travelled to dozens of countries, studying the cultures, spiritual practices, the science of healing herbs and their positive effects on the human body and mind. Through this accumulation of knowledge she was able to formulate and give birth to effective, completely natural products of the Earth, incorporating her own spiritual approach as a Reiki practitioner and her daily routine of yoga and meditation.


She continues to develop her knowledge and expertise in learning more about the relationship between botanicals and their positive effects. She remains dedicated to improving upon her products as well as extending her health and skincare range.


Since 2007 she has put together a personal care line which includes skin, body, hair, and nail care line using completely natural formulations. The ingredients are 100% pure, natural, organic, anti-aging and antioxidants. The products have been dermatologically and clinically tested, as well as vegan certified.


All products are free from chemicals, petroleum, alcohol, toxins, colors, mineral oil, parabens, additives, preservatives and fragrances.


All of Biolumin, Inc.’s products are Non GMO & Cruelty free.


Biolumin, Inc. will also launch an anti-aging beverage that is yet to be announced at the end of 2016.